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The Loved 1's INXS Pages

 86 Star Hits magazine

Hiya from Kel, aka theloved1. I created my INXS site back in 1998 as a tribute to Michael and the surviving members of the band. It was also a way for fans to connect and share their memories and their love of the group. I hope in the 6 years it was around it succeeded in at least some small degree in doing that. And while I've met loads of wonderful netfolk in the process, and while nothing could ever dim my love for Hutch, for various personal reasons I decided to pull the whole site. Everything is now gone save for WebRing, which you can access below.

The INXS Webring: Link your site in a ring with other INXS fan pages around the web, or visit one of our member sites. I'm also looking for someone to take over ringmaster duties for the INXS Web Ring preferably an existing member. If you're interested, drop me a line! The webring will not be accepting any more new entries until a new ringmaster is placed.

Looking for the former webmistress? Try (remove the "NOSPAM" obviously)